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>> lisa and her husband glided in a few years back, she's a retired navy captain. she hears it all the time from visitors. >> they tell me that they cross route 4 or cross a certain bridge and they just feel the decompression settling in. they come down here and say aah, here i am in my happy place. >> there might be one thing that makes people think twice, that's being number 15 on the list. so they'll plan to be even happier next year. in solomon's island. beth parker, fox 5 news. >> sounds like a good vacation spot to me. thanks for joining us, here is brian with the news edge at 11:00. one of a kind sound from a one of a kind artist. tonight the music world mourns the death of the godfather of go-go. chuck brown didn't stop until he had to. he had concert dates lined up in the district.
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when he got sick and ended up in the hospital. tonight, the man behind busting loose and so many distinctive songs has died. we'll start our team coverage with audrey barnes. >> by early afternoon, chuck brown's manager confirm what many feared was coming for weeks. the legendary singer and guitarist was dead. it didn't take long for radio stations to start playing all the hits and for people to take to the streets to remember him. an impromptu vigil at the howard theater swelled to the hundreds. fans and friends of d.c. great, chuck brown, gathered to remember him. radio station, wkys pumped out a stream of his songs. brown was supposed to hold a concert at the howard last month, but had to cancel when he fell ill. >> he just put d.c. on the map. >> on the ♪ [ musical map, that is. he helped launch a new genera
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in d.c. called go-go. busting loose grew his fan base over time. brown received his first grammy nomination in 2010 for a duo called love. his family is asking for privacy, but not before thanking his many loyal fans. >> family is very devastated at this time. so my dad's manager will come out with an official statement. we thank this great city for loving chuck brown as much as they loved chuck brown. please keep the family in your prayers. please remember he was more than go-go. he was a family man. >> both of his sons played football at virginia tech. he was would schedule his concert appearances and other engagements around their home games. after the tragedy, many concerts included a moment of prayer for the victims. it's that love of people that justine love says set brown apart. >> he made you feel like you
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were engaged and you are a part of his family and he loved you for that. it was wonderful. >> reporter: love has known brown for years. he sang at her high school prom. when she hears his songs, she's on her feet. >> he truly was the godfather of go-go. last september, the national symphony orchestra paid tributes. and chuck was honored. brown and his band performed on the west lawn of the capitol, which was the highlight of the evening. funeral arrangements for chuck brown have not yet been announced. brian. >> d.c. council member has known chuck brown for decades. calls him a good friend. tonight, he said it was brown's talent that helped him create a
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cultural force in the district. >> i think it's the manager that did it. his graciousness and creativity, he paid everything from jazz to go-go, and anything inbetween that. he was a genius. >> councilman barry said chuck brown was one of the few go-go artists that could perform anywhere and not have trouble breaking out at a show. that was because how much brown was respected. we have extensive coverage on our website to see what his manager and city leaders have to say and offer your own thoughts. log on to a wild scene in northeast tonight after a police pursuit entered a crash. police say the suspects driving a black suv wanted for impersonating police officers. officers pursued the suv from sheriff road and eastern avenue. they wound up on south dakota where they plowed into three other vehicles. several went to the hospital.
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>> the edge on maryland now where the general assembly wrapped up its first special session to hammer out a budget deal. as a result, the tax man will be reaching deeper into your pockets. bob explains. >> reporter: the budget deal struck in annapolis will raise income taxes on roughly 300,000 maryland taxpayers. we asked folks in silver spring tonight. >> i think it's time for marylanders to put investment in their schools. it's time for us to step up the plate. >> by a vote of 77-60, the maryland house of delegates wednesday voted to raise income taxes on single filers earning more than $100,000 a year. and for those who file jointly, $150,000 a year or more. >> i think that taxes have been kept really low for higher income people and that they need to contribute their fair
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share. >> are you one of them? >> i actually happen to be in the category that you mentioned and i don't mind kicking in a little bit more. >> reporter: without a deal, the state was facing $500 million in cuts to balance the fiscal year 2013 budget. >> income taxes are going to go up. i hate to say it, but it's only on the highest earners. i hate to say that too because you know, starts at $100,000 and in this area, that doesn't make you a rich person. it definitely still keeps you in middle class. >> reporter: delegate is a democrat representing prince georges county. >> when i looked at the actual amount, it's a few hundred dollars for most people and if you look at it spread out over the course of the year, it's maybe $5 a week. >> the agreement shifts the burden of teacher pension cricks from the state to county governments over the next four years. so, will that mean our property taxes will be going up as well? not so says prince georges
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county executive. >> it won't raise property taxes. what it means is we'll have to come up with additional resources to pay for that shift coming down to the county. it's going to be, we estimate maybe somewhere around $4 or $5 million we'll have to come up with. >> reporter: he may call another special session this summer to take up the issue of gambling at national harbor. baker says that could bring in $69 million a year to prince georges. brian. >> accused thief takes off with three wal-mart shoppers in hot pursuit. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> reporter: quick action from shoppers put the robber behind bars. three people chased this man down after a robbery yesterday afternoon. police say kelly lee minor stole cash out of a woman's open purse and took off. three men ran after him and then held him until police arrived. investigators outside chicago looking for a groom who they
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believe stabbed his bride to death right after their wedding. the bride's sister says arnaldo told a relative he left a bride bleeding after a fight. she was found dead in the bathtub still wearing the dress she wore to her reception. >> members of iraq's olympic team getting the papers ready for the olympic games. despite harsh conditions, 30 athletes are hoping to qualify in swimming, weight lifting, wrestling, archery, and track and field events. a bronze in weight lifting that they won back in 1960. brian. did you buy those sketcher shoes thinking you would be in better shape? now you might be entitled to cash back from the company. but first, it was the scandal that ended a marriage and a political career. find out the strategy behind not putting three key people on the stand.
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this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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the defense rests in the campaign finance trial against former presidential candidate, john edwards. closing arguments will happen without the jury hearing from edwards, his daughter, or mistress. fox's jonathan has details. >> john edwards arriving at court this morning with his
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parents in tow, his defense team calling it a wrap, without calling presidential candidate and mistress to the stand. >> it was a smart move defense not to put john edwards on the stand. everyone in that jury room hates him. >> edwards oldest daughter might be called to testify in his defense. although missing from the courtroom today, she has been at the trial nearly every day sitting right behind her father as the details of his affair were revealed. the defense's case was fast and furious. edward's team of lawyers spending a couple days calling a series of witnesses and presenting evidence. their goal, to shift the focus of the trial from details of the political sex scandal to the legal question of whether edwards actions violated federal campaign finance laws. >> defense is very optimistic that they are relying on the law here and they are saying to the jury, saying closing
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arguments tomorrow, jurors, just look at the law. you might not like this guy, but look at the law and the prosecution has not made its case. >> prosecutors arguing edwards was the master mind to funnel a million dollars to hide his pregnant mistress during his 2008 run for president. edwards pleaded not guilty to six counts of campaign finance violations. if convicted, he could face up to 30 years behind bars. closing arguments are scheduled to begin thursday morning with the jury beginning deliberations on friday. in greensboro, north carolina, fox news. new developments as facebook gears up for its ipo. general motors is pulling its ads from the social media giant because they say they are ineffective. gm invested $10 million a year on the site. the board reuped his relationship with the network. >> foodies will have a new source for their addiction. shaun yancy has your fox 5 top
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5. >> watch youtube. number five, a food network and cooking channel vet is launching a youtube cooking channel called hungry. you'll find plenty of house food videos. it's part of youtube videos to launch programming. >> number four, the next iphone may have a bigger screen. the wall street journal reports apple suppliers will make a screen a half inch larger. no comment from apple. the iphone has one of the smaller smart phone screens on the market. number three, want to live longer? go to college. a recent study shows education is linked to better health habits and a longer life. people with a bachelor's degree live nine years longer. number two, sketchers will pay virginia $115,000 over false ads about shoes. the ads claim some shoes would help people lose weight, strengthen muscles. also paying out $40 million in
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customer refunds to settle a similar federal lawsuit. number one, a natural substance found in foods like celery and parsely are a nontoxic treatment. more research is needed to confirm those results. that's tonight's fox 5 top 5. for some reason, today felt like summer. >> 80 degrees, we'll have a couple more warm days this weekend. but tomorrow, a little down tick, which i think you'll find refreshing, brian, a breeze out there. changing the weather hasn't rolled in yet. another front that is going to come through very soon. it's right up along the maryland, pennsylvania line and i dent don't think it will take too long. don't worry about that fog. because i think the breeze that comes with this front will do a number on that. let's check out satellite and radar. it is possible we would get a
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couple showers with this front. and it looks like we are getting a couple here trying to develop down to our south and also up to our north. we'll keep an eye on this as this front comes through, it might find a little bit more energy for a spotty shower and isolated rumble of thunder. the best energy appears to be east of the city though and here is the front that is going to be our game changer, as we call it. it's going to take a few more hours to cross the area. you'll probably notice it when it comes through, because the breeze may pick up a little bit and that is going to bring in comfortable temperatures, cooler temperatures. noticeably cooler when you step out tomorrow morning. 72 degrees right now in the district. frederick and hagerstown down to 68. comperland 68 degrees. but a little pocket of cooler air is also going to filter in. pitt burg's temperature is 52 degrees and i think some of our areas are going to drop into the 50s before the sun comes up tomorrow morning and that humidity is going to be out of here.
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overnight low temperatures, i mentioned frederick could get into the 50s. 56 degrees possible there. gaithersburg could drop to 59 here in the district, 60. 61 for dulles. 57 for martinsburg and again you'll notice that breeze. so it gets cooler. hard to believe when the temperature is still 72 degrees that we could drop another 12 degrees. that's what this front is going to do. this weekend is the preakness. the 137th running for the black eyed suzannes and looks like the weather is going to cooperate. it's going to get warm under mostly sunny skies. temperature at post time around 78 degrees. we'll have a nice range of temperatures here and it will be a really delightful day. and the rest of the weekend so far, so good. temperature on sunday up to 83 degrees. we are watching an area of low pressure that will be off the southeast coast. most of the week, it looks like it would stay out of our area. tonight, it is trying to get closer to the coast. i'll show you it on future cast. notice the future cast picking up on showers, but again, this
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is going to be isolated stuff. we are back to sunshine tomorrow. back to sunshine on saturday. you begin to see moisture on friday. watch what this is doing spinning across the carolinas. we are dry for saturday, but i'm interested to see what happens with this and hope it doesn't get closer to that, because you are counting on a good weekend. spotty frontal showers, mostly fair overnight and up to 74 degrees tomorrow. a lot cooler than today was and less humid. in short, a really nice day. friday is also terrific at 77. we have a pretty good weekend coming, but we want to watch that thing off the coast and see what it doesment right now it looks like we're in good shape. that's it for weather, let's see what dave feldman has to say. >> the sports desk with dave feldman. >> the franchise, the nats are doing things they haven't done before. for one, they have been in first place almost the entire season. one first they hope to avoid, however, losing back to back home games for the first time.
11:19 pm
pirates in town, bottom one, no score. bryce harper takes eric to deep right field. now bryce is bidding for his third home run in as many games. bounces off the score board. harper races into third with his first career triple. he later scored to make it 1-0. i think it will be pretty good. gonzalez had it going. he strikes out the side in the second. he goes seven innings, while striking out a season high 10. bottom of the 7th, nats lead 4- 3. the bases loaded. rips one into right field corner. it will clear the bases. laroche with three hits, including a solo home run. nats defeat the pirates 7-4 with the atlanta loss, nats are back in first. the manager with high praise for his first baseman. >> you know, they are missing the middle guys and been struggling. and he's been one constant from
11:20 pm
day one. a lot of big runs, just a great player. >> orioles on the road in kansas city. top of the 9th, the o's in the road. o's trail. ryan from second going to try to score. the throw home, slides ahead of the tag, ties the game right now. orioles, o's, tied at 3 in the 11th. don't go anywhere. when we return, we'll hear from fan favorite, tim hightower for the first time since he resigned with the redskins. [ male announcer ] u.s. olympian gwen jorgensen
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is going for aluminum. cullen jones is in it for water-resistant thermoplastic. and amanda mcgrory? she's competing for carbon fiber. they're not just going for gold, they're joining with citi to give back to the programs that helped them along the way with bikes, kickboards. and racing chairs. join the movement at and help citi help our u.s. athletes give back together, every step of the way.
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welcome back. the redskins offseason schedule ramps up next sunday when activities begin at redskins park. 90 players will be in attendance. hightower was acquired from the cardinals a day before last year's training camp. began the season as the redskins starting runningback.
11:24 pm
scored two touchdowns in the first if five games. he injured his left knee against the panthers and missed the rest of the season. resigned with the redskins. continues to rehab and promises he'll be ready to go. >> i know for sure i will be out there in that first game in full form and that's my plan and that's what i'm working towards. i just want to improve on something each day. if i can do something better tomorrow than i can do today and the next day do something i couldn't do the previous day, that's a victory. if you are running 40s and this and that, but break it down and take each day, day by day, and improve and as long as i'm constantly improving, i think august and september will take care of itself. >> talking to lindsey murphy. d.c. united after three road games, back home facing the colorado rapids. lewis neil head to rosario who nets his third goal of the
11:25 pm
year. 1-0 united. 60th minute, service into the box. bronco is stopped, but salihi scores on the rebound. his third of the year. moves into a second place tie with sporting kansas city in the eastern conference. devils beat the rangers 3-2. that series tied at one game a piece. georgetown university will host the men's championship. that's the sweet 16. it will be march 26 and saturday march 28. i'm dave feldman. brian is back with more of the edge after this. have a go ahead night. does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does.
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now you have the news edge. we leave you with more of the god father of go-go. chuck brown, his spirit will live on.   fox 5 news isn't over. go to for news, weather, and entertainment updates. on air and online at brought to you by verison.
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